What is PlaceDj?

PlaceDj has brought together a brilliant music and software team, to create a new music vision for businesses. In 2016, PlaceDj became partner with Markakod which is one the best software company in Turkey and we together have created the world's first intelligent music application specially developed for businesses.

What Makes PlaceDj Unique?

Simply music and it’s artificial intelligence technology. PlaceDj music team creates elaborated music that you can not hear anywhere else by bringing together years of experience and different styles of music in harmony for businesses. Also we have created an artificial intelligence technology named Random Harmonizer. With random harmonizer PlaceDj discovers bpm, harmony (key) and energy of the songs by analyzing them. With this technology, it chooses the songs according to their harmonies, calculate their energy and equalise their sounds and provide perfect switch between the songs by cutting the gaps at the beginning and the end of them.

Who is PlaceDj For?

The only thing that gives a business it’s soul is music. From this point of view, PlaceDj is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use application for all businesses who want to play good music. All businesses using background music can use PlaceDj like restaurants, cafes, hotels, stores, fitness centres, coffee shops and etc.

How do I sign up?

  • IOS : Go to App Store download app and create your account.
  • Android : Go to Google Play Store download app and create your account.
  • Web Player : Just sign up here

How much does PlaceDj cost?

It is 24$ per month but for a limited time period PlaceDJ is free for a month. Also you can cancel your subscription anytime.

What about copyright laws and collecting societies?

PlaceDj is only a music provider. We do not provide license. So you will continiue to pay collecting societies.

Which playlist is right for me?

Unlike other music providers, PlaceDj categorises the music according to business concepts, not the styles. It harmonises many styles of music in accordance with the concept of the business. Choose your business style and click PLAY.

I’ve forgot my password.

Please click here, then click forgot my password and we will send you a link to reset your password.

Music won’t play.

  • Please check your internet connection and volume settings on device.
  • On Web Player go to EQ settings and reset settings.
  • On IOS or Android go to EQ settings turn off and back on.
  • Check your subscription.
  • If app is playing but you can not hear anything, check your cable connections.

App isn’t working.

For IOS or Android delete app and go to App Store or Google Play Store and download the latest version. On Web Player please make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Can’t download PlaceDj IOS App.

Currently the app is only available with iOS 9 or later. If you don’t have these specifications, we recommend using the web player.

Still haven’t found an answer for your question?

Please contact us via info@placedj.com